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 Christmas Tree Pin /
Swarovski Rhinestones


This brand new Christmas tree pin is made with high quality 100% SWAROVSKI (Austrian) crystal rhinestones so you know you have a tree that will sparkle.  Has the
 style and look of an  Eisenberg Ice Christmas Tree Pin shown on  page 54  in "Christmas Tree Pin O Christmas Tree" by Nancy Yunker Trowbridge and that tree is valued at $110-$125.  Ours is a little smaller and is a quality made tree.
The rhinestones are all prong set so there is no need to worry about them falling out.
Prong Set - Swarovski Austrian Rhinestones
Size:  1-7/8" high X 1-1/4" wide
Item# JP121 G

Our jewelry is made with high quality 100% SWAROVSKI (Austrian) crystal rhinestones.  Stones are prong set (this means that 4 prongs hold in each stone of the grouping). Prong set stones are a sign of superior craftsmanship in costume jewelry.  Most of the fashion jewelry seen today is made with acrylic or low-grade rhinestones that are glued in and will fall out over time.
*Please note, our jewelry is not made by the Swarovski Company but the stones in our jewelry are Swarovski leaded crystal rhinestones that are made in Austria and are recognized as the highest quality stones due to their superior cut, sparkle and brilliance. They are also the most expensive stones used in fashion jewelry today.



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